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Exposing the American practice of fusing cultural associations to items which has created apparatuses that can be used to elevate, demobilize, or rearrange American social hierarchies.



Lorenzo Baker is a Los Angeles based contemporary artist with a background in graphic design, photography, painting, and collage. Originally from Sacramento, CA Lorenzo has worked at The Crocker Art Museum as an Art Corps Fellow on the community outreach project Block by Block, which serviced over 25,000 Sacramento residents through arts engagement.


Throughout his career, Lorenzo has worked within the City of Sacramento City Council District 5 on community event advertisement and promotion for programs such as Summer Youth Leadership Camp, HP Roseville’s Tech Trek, and Summer at City Hall.  


Over the past year, Lorenzo has interned at ArtworxLA, and worked at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art as an Artist Assistant.


 In 2017, he participated in UCLA’s Fall MFA Exhibition I AM ERICA as well as Nous Tours Gallery and community space no longer negotiable.


In 2018 Lorenzo co-curated an exhibition on afro futurism, titled, Black Light, which is an exploration into afrofuturism, a distinct mode of representation that reimagines a multiplicity of future identities for black individuals and communities in order to critically engage with contemporary issues.