Black Light is an exploration into afrofuturism, a distinct mode of representation that reimagines a multiplicity of future identities for black individuals and communities in order to critically engage with contemporary issues. From New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Southern California, these artists’ practices expand the dialogue around the afro-dysphoric experience.

Thinking beyond the conventions of visual light and applying its principles to the subjectivity of black bodies, Black Light challenges conventional ways of viewing history, the present, and the future. By decolonizing minds through art, these artists provide pathway to escape systemic normalcy.

Black Light was co-curated by lorenzo baker & belle duvall  

Featured Artist:
kamaria shepherd, demario dotson, channtanza, kiara walls, lanise howard, martin alexander spratlen etem, coleman alexander collins, chenel king, keiron de nobriga, sabree woodward, will bryant, c scoti scott


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