Crocker Art Museum Block by Block

Block by Block is a community outreach initiative focusing on Sacramento City Council Districts 2,5, and 8. (North Sacramento, Oak Park & Surrounding Areas, and South Sacramento respectively)

Block by Block engaged these communities through arts engagement funded by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation.

Each community was rallied together to highlight and emphasizes the local artist living within there respective communities. These artist were celebrated by the Crocker and local community organizations such as Sojourner Truth Multicultural Museum and Sol Collective with 3 large community block parties.

Each Block party brought together local artist, dancers, poets, musicians, etc. of all ages in a fun, free, and engaging experience in the arts.

In total, Block by Block serviced over 25,000 Sacramento residents.   

block is hot flyer.png

The Block is Hot - Block by Block Talent Search 

Block by Block held 4 talent search event to rally local Sacramento talent for their 3 block party experiences. 

The Block Party 2 Steve Jones Main Poster New.png

The Block Party 2: Steve Jones Park