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Selma Burke became involved in the Harlem Renaissance during her marriage to Claude McKay. She worked for the Works Progress Administration and the Harlem Artists Guild, teaching art to children in Harlem. One of her WPA works, a bust of Booker T. Washington, was given to Frederick Douglass High School in Manhattan in 1936.

In 1942 she joined the Navy making her one of the first African American women to enroll.  While in the Navy, Burke was commissioned to do a bronze relief portrait of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  The portrait she created was adapted by the mint and is currently on United States dimes. 

Burke founded the Selma Burke Art Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1968 where she continued to introduce art to inner-city youth. She was widely lauded for her engagement in civic organizations and endeavors in the Pittsburgh area.  July 20, 1975 was adopted as Selma Burke Day by former Governor Milton Shapp of Pennsylvania. 


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