James Washington

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James Washington

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James Washington, a barber by trade, ran a barbershop at 117 W. Washington St., above J.G. Bartlett & Son, a grocery and bakeryin South Bend, Indiana. 


James Washington and Matthew Sawyer were solicitors and conductors on the Underground Railroad. One of the routes along the “railroad” passed through this part of northern Indiana on its way to Cass County in Michigan, where fugitive slave laws were more lenient. 


Washington partnered with fellow barber, Matthew Sawyer, also a free black, to collect money from South Bend citizens to fund the Underground Railroad. Reports from J.G. Bartlett’s son, Charles, indicate that runaway slaves also hid in Bartlett’s grocery during the 1850s.


The Underground Railroad, a network of people, homes and businesses, had been established by anti-slavery advocates to aid fugitive slaves in their journey north to freedom. More than 100,000 slaves escaped the South by traveling the “railroad” before it ceased to exist with President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War.


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