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In the 1954 decision Brown v. Board of Education, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled segregation unconstitutional, thus desegregating public schools nationwide. 


This decision reversed the Supreme Court’s 1896 ruling supporting the traditional concept of “separate but equal” facilities. However, there was much resistance to the desegregation of public schools and the full implementation of desegregation in Kentucky’s schools took many years. 


In the first days of school in 1956 at Sturgis, in Union County, Kentucky, nine African American students attempted to attend the all-white high school. Turned back by a jeering mob, they appealed to Governor A. B. “Happy” Chandler, who activated the Kentucky National Guard and the Kentucky State Police, their mission, to maintain law and order, and ensure that all students had the opportunity to attend public school. 


After conferring with Mayor J. B. Holeman and other officials in Sturgis City Hall, Williams was convinced that local authorities could not guarantee the safety of the students. 


He ordered four National Guard units to Sturgis. Companies A, B, and C of the 240th Tank Battalion arrived from Owensboro, Livermore, and Henderson. Louisville’s Headquarters & Service Company was also ordered to state active duty. Company C arrived first and bivouacked on the school grounds. Major Hall made it clear to the alarmed townspeople that martial law had not been declared and that his troops were merely bivouacked until local authorities needed their help.


The next morning, 210 National Guardsmen patrolled the small coal-mining town armed with M-1 rifles with fixed bayonets. Additional weaponry included 20- mm and .30-caliber machine guns, submachine guns, carbines and tear-gas guns. The 20-mm and .30- caliber guns were mounted on M- 47 tanks. The tanks were also set with 90-mm cannon.

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