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Colored People Time

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Colored Publishing 


May 19, 1900 celebrates the first publication of the Colored American Magazine (CAM). This was one of the first monthly magazines created for the national African American consumer.


Published and circulated in Boston, Mass. and New York City until 1909, the Colored American Magazine did for nine years in the 1900's what Ebony Magazine is doing today. 


The contents of the magazine took in all types of printed works pertaining to the "colored" American living in the States. Special articles also featured peoples of color living on other continents of the world. Some of the topics covered included articles of Negroes succeeding in business, the arts, education, medicine, politics etc.


The magazine played a significant role in recording current news as well as retrospective historical events of the Negro.  The Colored American Magazine often referenced itself as "the only high-class illustrated monthly in the world devoted exclusively to the interests of the Negro Race." 


Their editors catered to the educated middle and upper class African Americans of the early 20th century.


The CAM articles, essays, poems, and countless photographs depict a certain appearance of dignity belonging to a people proud to have "made it” out of slavery.







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