Soul Train Scramble Board

16. soul train scramble board -01.png
16. soul train scramble board -01.png

Soul Train Scramble Board

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One of the classic segments and highlights of the legendary Soul Train is undoubtedly the Soul Train Scramble Board.

Starting midway in its first season, every week the program showcased a couple from the Soul Train Dancers to unscramble a group of letters on a display board, to form the name of a well-known African American figure. In the early days of the show, the unscrambled name was that of a recording artist or group who had either appeared on the show recently or was going to appear soon.  In the later years, the solution on the Scramble Board was a popular and relevant African American figure in entertainment, sports, movies, television or politics.  Oprah Winfrey, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Jackson and Hank Aaron were some of the many names unscrambled.

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